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Welcome To The AirShield Project

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Lehrstuhl für Kommunikationsnetze
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Wietfeld


AirShield is a BMBF funded research project in the field of “Civilian Safety Research” which relates to the protection of vital and sensitive infrastructures and general population from man made threats and natural disaster. This project is part of the program called "Research for the civilian safety" in the field of "Integrated protection system for rescue and security forces".

In this context, the AirShield project proposes the use of (partly) autonomous flying robots for reconnaissance purpose and aiding in the forecasting and prevention of emergency situations. The mobile MUAV (miniature unmaned aerial vehicles) equipped with lightweight sensors will collect relevant data/information from the incident scene, which will be processed into tangible and actionable information. This information, represented as the visual and/or spatial landscape of the incident scene, will then be relayed to the relevant authority, which is expected to enhance their mission management capabilities and decision process.

Within the framework of the AirShield project, the following topics will be focused upon:
  • Furthering the development of a lightweight flying robots with on-board sensors
  • Intelligent and autonomous MUAV flock movement depending on concentration gradients and simulation forecasting
  • Creating mobile ad-hoc network between multiple drones and between the flying robots and the ground stations
  • Internetworking with geo-information and decision support systems
  • Risk analysis, technology acceptance as well as economic benefit